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Where Cool Things Happen

Welcome to Where Cool Things Happen! This is a site that offers a daily feed of cool things from around the world for you to check out! 

When you get to the site the daily Cool Thing will be featured prominently, then beneath that you’ll find links to other cool posts. 

If the featured items aren’t enough to get you to dive in and randomly start exploring you can use the menu to explore other areas. It offers you the options of Home, Categories, Top 20, and Search.

Categories – here you’ll find the option to browse the following categories: Cool Place, Cool Stays, Cool Art, Cool Photo, Cool Gadgets, Cool Transport, Cool Outdoor, Cool Advertisement, Cool Food, and Cool Architecture

Top 20 – this is a selection of some of most popular offerings that the site has posted that is periodically updated. I almost started you off here, but then the daily post was interesting, so I changed my mind. 

This site provides an awesome way to find very cool things from all around the world in one location. Check it out today!

http://www.wherecoolthingshappen.com [1]