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Where Do I Find Free Android Apps?

Deb from Kerrville, TX writes:

I need to know where to find free apps for my Android tablet.

Good news, Deb. It is super-easy.  Look for the Play Store icon either on your tablet home screen or under apps.

The icon for the Play Store looks like a little shopping bag.

Tap the icon and you’ll be taken to the homepage of the Google Play Store. You’ll notice right away that many of the apps displayed are free.


Select Categories to see the different types of apps that are available.



Here I’ve selected the Business category.  Both the top Paid and the Top Free apps are displayed.



Select See More and you’ll see a whole lot more apps displayed.



Choose Top Charts…



and you can see the most popular Free and Paid Android Apps.


If you choose See more in Top Free…

you’ll see the most popular Free apps.

You can also search for apps by name in the search box.

Or by category.

 One word of caution, just because an app is free, it doesn’t mean the content is free.  The HBO Go app is free to download, but the content is only available to HBO subscribers.

 When you find a free app that you’re interested in, select it to see more information. Usually you’ll find a description and screenshots from the app and sometimes a video.

It’s a good idea to check out user reviews.

They can point out issues with particular devices and help you understand if the app will work for you.

 There are hundreds of thousands of free apps available, so you’ll have plenty to look at.

~ Cynthia