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Where Do Trojans Stand?

Where Do Trojans Stand?

I recently came across some pretty interesting information and I thought you all should know about it too. This topic was actually posted on WorldStart’s message board by user “Harley” and once I saw it, I knew I had to share it with all of you. It has to do with Trojans and where they stand in terms of malware. Please keep reading for all the details. You don’t want to miss this!

I might as well just say it. Yep, Trojans were found to make up 75 percent of all the new malware discovered in the third quarter of 2007. Yikes! Trojans have put up some pretty steep numbers in the past, but this is really close to a record high. Why, you ask? Well, this particular type of malware is the perfect tool for hackers who want to gain profit from their attacks. They can set up all kinds of Trojans that con people into giving out their personal information, including credit card numbers, etc. It’s sad, but it’s true.

Trojans also lead the pack when it comes to the actual number of infections found during the latter part of 2007. They accounted for 32 percent of the malware detected on computers after certain virus scans were done. Adware comes in second with 24 percent, but that’s still a pretty big difference. Also, just for some additional information, adware made up 12 percent of new malware found, while worms clocked in at 11 percent. We all know Trojans are dangerous, but if you take care of your computer like you should, you will be just fine. Make sure you run all of your scans on a regular basis, don’t open any unusual e-mails and just use some common sense when you’re browsing the Web. If you do that, Trojans won’t stand a chance against you!

~ Erin