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Where Is This Located On The Worksheet? I Can’t Tell From The Printout!

Where Is This Located On The Worksheet? I Can’t Tell From The Printout!

Ever wish you had your gridlines, column letters and row numbers on the printout of an MS Excel worksheet?

On some of the larger worksheets, or worksheets where there aren’t a lot of labels on the data, this could be the little “miracle” you’ve been looking for.

(OK – maybe the word “miracle” is a bit strong. But… then again, it all depends on how lost you’ve become in your data. It’s all in the perspective.)

I know that sometimes I just have to see it in print to find the mistakes. (If only that would ensure I could catch them all – I don’t know about you, but some days my mistake list seems endless!)

At any rate, once you’ve made the decision that you need the grid lines and/or headings, your solution is just a few clicks away.

Your solution is found in the Page Setup information. So, we’ll begin by going to the File menu, Page Setup choice.

Once the Page Setup window opens, you’re looking for the Sheet tab.


In the middle section, called Print, you’re looking for the Gridlines and Row and column headings check boxes.

Make sure you select the items you need.

Click OK.

And there you have it – all the labels and gridlines you could ever want.

Now you absolutely know where everything is – if only this applied to the things that have mysteriously disappeared from my desk….

(Just my wishful thinking again. :-)

~ April