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Where To Get Drivers For Windows 8


You’ve just upgraded to Windows 8 or bought a PC with Windows 8 on it, and you need a driver for your hardware. What do you do? Where do you go? Take a deep breath, and read our easy guide on where to find the latest drivers.

Drivers allow hardware in or added to your computer to function, and your operating system to interact with that hardware correctly. Windows 8 was built with the horror stories of Windows Vista (where you couldn’t find any drivers when Vista was released) in mind. The good news is that most of your existing windows 7 hardware will work with Windows 8 using the windows 7 drivers. If you do need an update, or the existing driver isn’t working, we’ve compiled this list of fantastic sites to go to for the most common driver updates.

PC Manufacturers’ Support Sites:


Video Cards: 

Sound Cards: 

Network Cards:


Other Devices:

If your particular device vendor is not in the list, don’t worry. Try searching on your favorite search engine for the model number of your device and windows 8 (Example: Dell L502x windows 8). Look at the website address you’re being sent to in the link, and make sure to only download drivers from the manufacturer or vendor. A good link for a HP driver will be from hp.com, not from onlinefreedealz.com.