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Where’s My Newsletter? Is The Spam Filter Eating Your Mail?

Question: I’ve been receiving an-email newsletter for several years and suddenly two weeks ago, they stopped coming. I went to the website to sign up for the newsletter again, but it says that I am already subscribed. What’s going on?

Answer: The most likely culprit is that the spam filter for you e-mail service or program decided that the newsletter looked like a piece of unwanted junk mail or spam.

Open your e-mail account and check your Spam or Junk folder. (The name used for that folder may vary depending on your mail service) Below is my very own personal spam folder and there are actually several newsletters that I subscribe to that have ended up in there. So lets fix it.


Select the message and then look for options. What you want to do is add the sender to a safe sender or approved sender list.

It’s also not a bad idea to add the address that e-mail comes from to your contacts list. That should prevent future problems. It’s always a good idea to just check your junk or spam folder now and again. You really never do know what might end up in there.

~ Cynthia