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Where’s Your Status?

Where’s Your Status?

I don’t know about you, but I definitely use MS Word’s status bar a lot. You know, the bar of information at the bottom of the program window that lists the page number, total number of pages, cursor placement and the rest.

Well, if you’ve come to depend on this information like I have, if you ever open Word and discover that it’s missing, it could be a huge disaster.

Understandably, your first questions are “Where did it go”? and “Why”? But, a more productive question would definitely be “How do I get it back”?

Since I wasn’t there to witness the steps that led to the disappearance of the status bar, I can’t give you the “Why,” but I can point you in the right direction for getting it back.

We’re looking for Word’s Options window (Tools menu, Options choice).

On the View tab, you need to locate the Show section.

Make sure the Status bar option is checked and click OK.

Voila! The status bar should reappear in Word and the information is at your disposal once again!

~ April