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Which Format for Combined Lists?

Ever combine a couple of lists in MS Word?

You know… where you copy and paste one list onto the bottom of another?

Were they formatted the same way to begin with?

Probably not so, I must ask, when you finished did you sit there and wonder who decided what formatting to apply to the combined list?

I mean, let’s face it, you may have preferred one formatting over the other and somehow you ended up with the one you didn’t want to keep.

So, once again we ask… Who decided that?

Obviously it wasn’t you, and since it isn’t a random thing, someone made the decision (someone in a far off land otherwise known as the world of Microsoft).

The trick to combining lists (bulleted or numbered) is to simply know the rules.

When you paste one list into another you’ll find that the formatting of the second list is changed to match the formatting of the first list where it’s pasted.

With just that little bit of knowledge you can prevent a lot of extra frustration and formatting time. Just be sure to paste into the list that contains the formatting you’re looking to keep to be pleased with the results the first time.