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White Space Be Gone In Word XP

White Space Be Gone In Word XP

If you’re like me then you like to work in MS Word using the Print Layout view.

I simply like to be able to see my whole page—margins and all. I like to keep an eye on the layout of the document without always jumping to Print Preview.

Anyway, once in a while I find myself working on documents that have a lot of empty space at the bottom on several pages. At times it would be nice to keep the Print Layout and yet see the document without all the white space.

That is, to maximize the amount of text displayed on the screen at one time.

You can remove the white space from view—without deleting the white space—with a quick click.

Move your mouse pointer between two pages.

It should change to look something like this.



Voila! Pages are put together—white space and top/bottom margins no longer visible.

You can clearly see where each page ends. It’s now represented by the dark horizontal line across the page.

Want to return to the usual Print Layout?

Once again, a single click does the trick.

Move your pointer to one of the divider lines. See how it changes?


Click on a divider line and Poof!

Your pages are separated again—white space, margins and all now visible.