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Who Wants To Get Fired? Fire Me Protects You From Your Own Tweets

A web service called FireMe! aims to protect you from your own social media mistakes. The service scans Twitter and looks for Tweets with content that could cost the Tweeter his or her job. Like the group of unhappily employed individuals below:



Not sure if your Tweets could get you pink-slipped? FireMe! allows you to search your own postings.



I was relieved to find that my Tweets won’t have my boss handing me a cardboard box and telling me to pack up my stuff. I like answering your questions.



Now, this guy – he’s probably going to get fired in two languages if his boss sees this:



His Firemeter is at 260%. 



FireMe then offers you the option to delete compromising Tweets and then check your privacy settings so that not everyone can read your work rants on Twitter. It’ll even give you a list of your problematic Tweets.



I have to wonder, though, if you don’t mind Tweeting those sentiments to the world at large, if you’re really going to care enough to remove them. But, it could be a useful tool if you’ve suddenly had the realization that your supervisors can see the Internet, too. The site offers a leaderboard of Tweets that are likely to get you fired, which can be some entertaining reading if you don’t mind the language. And the language is…well enough to get you fired.  This might be a great resource for sitting down with someone new to the workforce and showing him or her that what they say on social media is out there for everyone to see. I’m sure a lot of employers are logging on to look for their workers. A couple of years ago I told a co-worker that I wouldn’t say anything about my job on Social Media that I wouldn’t shout out in the lobby in front of my boss. Still think that’s probably a pretty good guideline.

~ Cynthia