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Why All The Hype Over End Of XP Support?

Jeff from Brookfield writes:

I was wondering, what is the difference between end of support for Windows XP and end of support for Windows 2000.  Maybe my mind is forgetting but I do not remember there was so much hype to get off a platform like XP when support ended for windows 2000? Just curious if you know why?  I do not know.

Jeff, it’s all about the numbers. At the time support for Windows 2000 ended, usage of Windows 2000 was estimated to be at less that one-half of one percent of all Windows users. Usage for Windows XP was counted at nearly 40% of all Windows systems in use as recently as 2012.  Windows XP was a very popular platform and many people were in no hurry to change.

Millions of more systems will be at risk when XP support ends.

~ Cynthia