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Ads Are Crowding My AOL E-mail

Hi: I have a 10 inch netbook ( ASUS ) using win 7 OS. I use AOL 9.7  for my email. when I open my email there is about the bottom 1/3 of the screen is blocked by advertising (see pic below ). Is there any way to eliminate or reduce that.Or is there a different version of AOL that would solve this problem.

Thanks for your help.
Sincerely Robert
Robert, I would consider trying out a different browser and accessing your e-mail account. I checked AOL Mail on Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome and it looked pretty clean. There was an ad on the far right, but it did not dominate the screen.
There is no way to remove ads from your AOL Mail, but you can use any browser you choose to access your account.


~ Cynthia