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Why Can’t I Connect To Neighbors WiFi?

Barbara  from San Angelo, Texas writes:

Recently bought a Kindle HDX – tried connecting to my neighbors WiFi using her password and it wouldn’t work. Was there something else I should have done? Her site showed up when I turned it on, but it wouldn’t connect.

Barbara,  make sure that WiFi is turned on under settings and that Airplane Mode is turned off.  If that’s as it should be, I’d suggest checking with your neighbor to make sure she hasn’t changed the password since she shared it with you and that you are typing it exactly right.  It’s also possible that the network you are attempting to log onto isn’t your neighbor’s network, but belongs to another neighbor. So, make sure you’re trying the correct network.

Also, just because you can see the network, doesn’t mean the signal strength is strong enough to connect. You may just be out of range. Your best bet for a reliable connection is to set up a router in your home.

~ Cynthia