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Why Can’t I Log Into My Outlook.com Account?

DH from US writes: Comment on Outlook oddity: I opened an Outlook email account months ago. I could sign in without problem for the first couple of weeks, but since then, I’ve been blocked out. Out of curiosity, I try to sign in once every few weeks, and ALWAYS get, “You’ve tried to sign in too many times with an incorrect email address or password” on my first try. That doesn’t make sense.

DH, you might have made a typo when trying to sign into your account and were blocked after a few tries, or someone else may have been trying to get into your account and prompted that message.  Most e-mail accounts will lock an account after several unsuccessful attempts to gain access.

Whatever the cause, it’s time for you to reset that password. Go to the log in screen for your Outlook.com account and select Can’t access your account.

Then you’ll have the opportunity to reset your password.

Better safe than sorry.

~ Cynthia