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Why Can’t I Play Flash On Android Tablets?

Susanne from Sydney Australia writes:

Recently I purchased an Android tablet running on Google program. I tried to open emails on it but most attachments, needed an Adobe Flash and it would not take it. Luckily I could return it.  Do all Android tablets works the same way?

Adobe (the company behind Flash) disabled new installs of Flash for Android last August and Flash is not supported in Android 4.1 and up.  The lack of support means no more security or bug updates. That means devices using Flash could be vulnerable to malicious attacks.

Android isn’t the only tablet you that won’t permit you to install Flash. Apple has always had a firm anti-Flash position, so you can’t use Flash on an iPad.

In fact, the only option for Flash users are Windows Tablets.  Most websites using Flash will work fairly well on Windows and Windows RT tablets.  Initially, Microsoft had disabled flash by default on the tablets, but when it turned out that around 95% of sites using Flash worked pretty well with Windows tablets, they changed their mind.

So, if you want a tablet that works with Flash, think about Windows. But remember that Adobe has intentionally been phasing out Flash Player for mobile devices, instead focusing on tools for HTML 5.    

~ Cynthia