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Why Can’t I Play Java-Based Games On Android?

Marsha writes:

If, as you say, Android is the top operating system, why is there no Java. I enjoy the Pogo games, however when I attempt to play them on my android tablet, up pops the message–you need to get Java etc. I have gone to the Google sites, to download Java. Yeah, I do not find any version of Java that is available. What am I to do, other then playing the games on my laptop or PC, which is not always an option.?Silly as this may seem, the games are great stress-relievers.  HELP!

Actually, Marsha Android applications are developed in the Java programming language – so Java is actually an integral part of Android. There may be two ways to take care of your problem. I say may because if the games you are playing are designed to be played in a browser on a PC, they aren’t optimized for tablets and may not play very well. 

The first, and quickest option, is to head over to the Google Play Store and see if there’s not an Android app version of your favorite game.  As you can see, there is a free POGO Games app available for Android:

You can download and install on your tablet with just a couple of taps.  The games on the app have been optimized for tablet use and it will be much easier than attempting to play the games through a browser.

 If you can’t find an app for your game, you can check to make sure that JavaScript is enabled on your tablet.  Tap on your browser:

Then tap the menu icon or button and select Settings.  Then select Content Settings or Advanced Settings. The name may vary depending on your device.

Then make sure JavaScript is enabled.

If your game is not optimized for mobile devices, I can’t promise it will run without issues. If you can’t find an app for your favorite games, keep checking back. As more and more gaming shifts to mobile, developers are makings apps a priority.

~ Cynthia