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Why Can’t I Reinstall Old Copy Of Win 7 On New PC?

Charles from Las Vegas, NV writes:

OK, I buy a new machine, and it comes with Windows 8, and I want to go back to Windows 7. If I already own a full copy of Windows 7, why can’t I just reformat and install the copy I have and not have to worry [or pay] for any Pro copy of Windows 8? – Chuck B


Many people have the same thought: I have a paid copy of Windows 7 for my computer, why can’t I use it for my new computer? While it would save you money, it is against the end-user license agreement (EULA) Microsoft has for Windows 7. Once you have installed and activated software on your computer, it may not activate on another computer. Microsoft may not be willing to issue a manual override. The only exception to this policy is a volume license or a multiple-use license, which allows the same CD key to be used on multiple computers.

The good news, as Charles states, is that since Windows 8 Pro allows you to downgrade and install Windows 7, you can downgrade to Windows 7 without buying a full copy. That will save you a large sum of money. A pro upgrade usually costs around $70 when you order a custom PC from an OEM, versus a full license of Windows 7 Pro which costs almost $270.