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Why Can’t I Save Updates In Firefox?

Rick from TN writes:

When there’s an update for AVG, Firefox, etc., I click on download and the little box comes up asking if I want to save the file. When I click on it, nothing happens. The box that usually appears in the upper left hand corner where the green line goes across and then you click in it twice doesn’t show up anymore thereby nothing gets downloaded.

Have any ideas as to what may be wrong? Thanks.

I’ve heard reports of more recent versions of Firefox, depending on how they are configured, not displaying downloads. Just to be certain, go to your downloads folder (type downloads in your Windows Start Menu search box to locate it) and check to make sure your updates haven’t actually already downloaded.

It they aren’t there, it could be an issue with Firefox, and one thing that may help is to reset Firefox.  Resetting Firefox creates a new profile folder for you, but still saves important date like bookmarks, browsing history, passwords, cookies and auto-fill information.You will, however lose your extensions and themes and will have to reinstall the ones that you’ve lost. Site specific preferences, download history and toolbar customizations will also be gone.

After the reset is finished, your old Firefox profile info will be placed in a desk folder called “Old Firefox Data” If the reset didn’t help you can restore some of the information by copying it to your new profile.

Start by choosing Help from the Firefox drop-down menu and then selecting Troubleshooting Information.


Then under Troubleshooting Information, choose Reset Firefox.


Firefox will reset and when it’s done, you’ll see a list of imported information. Click Finish and Firefox will re-open.

Hopefully, that helps with the problem.

~ Cynthia