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Why Do I Get Spam From The Future?

Question: How is it I keep getting emails in my spam folder dated 2038 instead of 2013? (Feb 6, 2038)?  Thanks, Mary.

Answer: I wouldn’t put it past them to send junk mail back through time, but it’s a trick spammers use to keep their offers of Nigerian lottery money and free gift cards in view. An e-mail dated 2038 will stay at the top of your inbox if you sort by date. Also, many “junk” or “spam” folders will automatically empty after a set period, say two weeks.

A message dated February 6,  2013 might be deleted on February 20, 2013. A message dated February 6, 2038 will hang around until February 20, 2038 or until you empty your spam folder. 

– Cynthia