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Why Don’t Some Sites Remember My Credit Card Information?

Geoff from Arlington writes:

Why is it when I shop at some online places they remember my credit card information and at others I have to enter it new every single time? None of the settings on my Internet Explorer change when I go between places. And these sites will remember my account password.

Geoff, that is most likely a security decision made by the online store you’re visiting. Some stores choose not to store information such as credit card numbers. Once your information is entered and passed on to the payment processor, it’s gone from their system. If their store was ever compromised by hackers like the ones who attacked Target’s files last Christmas season, your information would not be there for crooks to steal.

Many users find it more convenient not to have to enter a long string of numbers plus an expiration date and a security code each and every time they shop, but others appreciate the security. My mother-in-law, for example, always tells the customer service rep when she places her order over the phone that she does not want the company to store her credit card information for future purchases.

Whether you prefer more security or greater convenience is up to you.

~ Cynthia