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Why Not Just Improve XP?

William from Detroit Lakes Minnesota writes:

I already know the answer to this but would like to get a second opinion. Windows 8 sucks….But eventually we are gonna all be stuck with it because Microsoft has everyone by the throat…Everyone loves XP so why not just improve XP, and quit messing with new operating systems that don’t work? The almighty dollar is why !

William, Microsoft did take steps to improve XP, that was Windows 7. And then they took steps to make what they considered improvements to that program with Windows 8. These are all version of Windows and Microsoft is committed to sticking with that operating system. Now you might not think these changes are improvements, but that’s often the case with change.

XP is a stable system, but it does have some serious security flaws and other issues that make it incompatible with many of the tasks required of computers these days. Twelve years is a very long time to support an operating system and Microsoft is not alone in letting older operating systems fall by the wayside.  You won’t be getting updates for older versions of Android and Apple expects that everyone has updated to Mavericks by now and some older versions of OS X are not getting new updates or patches.

Two big differences are that Microsoft made a huge deal about ending XP support (which makes sense, more people are using it) and that Microsoft charges for new versions of their operating systems and Apple did not charge for the update to OS Mavericks.  However, the update from Windows 8 to 8.1 was free and now many experts are wondering if Microsoft might switch to the model of offering the operating system for free and making money on devices, licensing Windows to computer manufacturers and from providing services.

As for new operating systems not working so well, Windows 7 has proved to be very popular and is currently running on nearly 48% of computers. Windows 8 is on about 11% of computers, which is still far more than the 3% using Mac OS or the 1.73% using Linux.

Mac and Linux do remain viable alternatives if you’d like to move away from Windows. Though Apple will update its operating system as well.  

And, you are right, of course it’s all about money. Microsoft invented Windows t make money and they are doing there best to stay up with the shift towards mobile technology in hopes of continuing to make money.  But that’s the case for all makers of operating systems, with the exception of Linux.  If you’d like to learn more about Linux, check out this article. [1]

 ~ Cynthia