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Why Not Outlook Express?

Quite awhile back I ran a tip from one of our writers pertaining to Outlook Express. At the end of the tip I commented on how I was surprised that anyone was still using OE as their mail client. Of course, I received a ton of e-mail on this from concerned readers as to why I was surprised.

Here’s the reason why:

Support for Microsoft Outlook Express officially ended with the release of Windows Mail, which was included way back with Windows Vista. That means that security updates and patches will no longer be distributed for it. In other words, if you’re still using Outlook Express, your security is at risk.


Now what to do about a new e-mail program? That’s the easy part! There are quite a few Outlook Express analogues out there to try out like Mozilla Thunderbird [1] (which is what I use) or even Windows Live Mail [2] (A.K.A. Windows Live Essentials). Both programs work just fine on Windows XP all the way up through Windows 7.

So, if you haven’t already, get off the Outlook Express boat, my friends! Your security may be at risk!