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Why Stop XP Support?

I have about 17 questions in the WorldStart inbox that are all variations of “Why is Microsoft stopping support for XP?” Many go on to answer the question with “Because they are evil, greedy #%$! who are out to get me.”

But I suggest looking at it another way. How long would you continue to spend millions of dollars and thousands of man hours a year supporting a 13-year-old product? If you sold something, would you be willing to extend a warranty on it beyond 13 years?


Especially when you have people actively working to sabotage your product every day. What you need to do in order to support that product changes on a daily basis.  This is also a product that you stopped selling 6 years ago. So you aren’t bringing in much revenue for it. XP has proven to have a lot of security vulnerabilities [1] with a virus infection rate more than double that of Windows 7 systems, so keeping it safe is a whole lot of work.

And supporting this product won’t lead to new purchases of software or hardware since the users are people who are pretty much content with what they have.

Your answer might be yes, but Microsoft’s is a definite “no.”

~ Cynthia