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Why Won’t My Tablet Get Internet At Home?

Claire says:

I received a tablet as a Christmas gift. I can access the Internet at the library and at the coffee shot with not problem. At home I get nothing. Do I live too far from town? Do I need cell phone service? I have a dial-up connection for my computer and it’s slow. I much prefer the tablet.

You have Internet access at the library and coffee shop because they have a WiFi signal. Sounds like you’re missing a crucial component for using a tablet at home: a router.  A router is a fairly inexpensive device that plugs into your modem and generates a wireless Internet signal in your home.

Though since you have dial-up that might not be possible or practical. If it’s possible you should consider getting a high-speed connection and a router.  Check availability and pricing with companies that serve your area. A mobile hot spot ( a small device that generate WiFi) is also a possibility. Again, you would have to check availability and pricing with cell service providers that serve your area.

Otherwise, you’ll have to settle for using your tablet at locations that offer free WiFi. Fortunately there are a lot of them.

~ Cynthia