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Why Won’t The DVDs I Burn Play On My TV

Nancy from Arizona writes:

None of the DVD’s I burn will show on the TV using a DVD player.  I am using Windows DVD maker and Pinnacle Studio 16. Very frustrated. The disc will show on the computer but not on the television.

One issue could be that your disc type isn’t compatible with your DVD player. Some DVD players will only play DVD+R or DVD+RW discs and some only play DVD-R or DVD-RW. Check your DVD player’s documentation to find out what type of DVDs it plays or go to the manufacturer’s website to find the information.

DVD Drive

It’s also possible that your disc quality is too low. Some DVD players won’t play a disc if it’s not high quality or in good shape.


Also make sure you are actually burning a DVD to play on a DVD player and not just copying files to the DVD.

Also, the age of your DVD player may be a factor. Newer DVD players will usually play them, but some older models will not.  And watch out for labels. Paper stick-on labels might prevent your DVD from playing correctly.

~ Cynthia