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The other day, I came across a new technology called Wibree. Do you know any information on this? If so, can you fill me in?

That’s an excellent question. It’s crazy how fast things get around in the world of technology. The same day you asked this question, our tech support guy, Chad, came over to my office and was telling me all about Wibree. I thought it sounded pretty cool, so I decided to do a little research on it. So, it’s perfect that you asked, because now I can share what I found with all of you! Are you ready? I sure hope so, because let me tell you, this one is cool!

The main thing going around about Wibree is that it’s going to replace Bluetooth. While that’s probably a stretch to say, Wibree is similar to the Bluetooth technology. Wibree’s logo is “world class multivendor interoperability and security.” Basically, it is the first open technology to offer a connection between mobile devices (such as cell phones), personal computers and other small button devices like watches, wireless keyboards, toys and sports sensors (basically anything that is powered by cell batteries). Cool, huh?!

Wibree is another radio technology, but its difference is that it uses a lot less power compared to other radio technologies out on the market today. This also of course, reduces the costs and it makes it easier to integrate it with the other devices I mentioned earlier. Of course, it will also help the markets of the other devices after they are made to be compatible with Wibree.

Some of the advantages Wibree is going for are ultra low peak power consumption, low cost and small accessory size, minimal cost for additions to mobile phones and computers and global and secure multivendor interoperability, as I said before.

Wibree is working on two different specifications for their technology. One being dual-mode and the other stand-alone. The dual-mode is designed to be more of an add on for the Bluetooth utilities. It is mainly going to be used for cell phones, multimedia computers and other PCs. The stand-alone functionality is targeted more at sports, wellness and human product categories (watches, etc).

Wibree is still in the beginning stages of productivity, but I believe it will be a big deal in a short while. This is probably heaven for any technology buffs and for those of you who aren’t, who knows, you may be using your wristwatch to work on your computer before you know it. Can you even imagine?!

~ Erin