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WiFi Remote Access for Windows Phones

Have you ever wished that you could access your phone using your laptop or desktop so you could call, email, message or check data with relative ease? In other words, turn your smallscreen smartphone into a tablet with this improved functionality? Well, if you have this free application downloaded on to your Windows phone, you can!

It’s called WiFi Remote Access [1]. With the free basic version, you can see all the contents of your mobile device using wi-fi on your PC. You only have to type the URL displayed on your screen and you can explore all the photos, videos, texts, music and more – right from your PC.

You can even send files directly from our PC to your mobile phone and tweak your Windows settings by accessing the registry editor on your PC as well.

Wifi Remote Access Premium (buy it for $5) allows FTP protocol support, which means you can exchange files and folders between your computer and your Windows phone. You can also send and receive SMSes from your computer and remotely control your device – including the ability to use the computer keyboard to type text and take screenshots.

However, there’s one note. Since the Windows Mobile 6 Marketplace is being shut down by Microsoft this May, the only way to purchase a copy of this app is to pay $5.00 via Paypal and get it directly from the vendor. Once the payment is made, you will get the download link in your inbox.

So, whether you are on Windows XP, Vista or 7,  you should be able to browse your Windows phone on your PC in a jiffy. Just remember that you connect your phone to  the same wifi access point as your PC. 

 ~Zahid H Javali