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WiFi With Connectify

A group of developers have unlocked the hidden features in Windows 7. They have exploited this element to turn any PC running the OS to a Wi-Fi hotspot with this application called “Connectify”. Nomadio, who are the consultants for Military Networks have developed Connectify and we shall see to the features of this software with Windows 7 in this article.


A PC with Windows 7

– Wireless adapter

– Software from ‘Connectify Me’ website – http://connectify.me [1]

– 15 Minutes of your time



Setting up Connectify:

When you log on into the website the Connectify icon will be seen in the notification area. If you can’t see it then click the up arrow pointer to display additional icons. Click the Connectify icon as seen above. An error message is displayed the first time you start Connectify, since you need to enter the passphrase. We need to enter a minimum of 8 characters up to a maximum of 32 for this field. You can enter the name you prefer in the ‘Wi-Fi Name’ field.

Sharing connections:



If we have more than one connection we can share them and select the connection from the Internet pull-down menu as you can see in the above image. We can also share a wired or wireless connection and you need only one wireless adaper for the same.

When you click the ‘Hotspot Off’ button you can turn on the Connecify access point as seen above.

Connecting to the Connectify access point:

We can use Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, MAC OS, or even Linux for connecting to the Connectify software access point. We can also obtain the list of computers connected to it with the network names and IP addresses as seen in the above images. Even when we shut down the system Connectify remembers the users listing them as disconnected clients.

Windows 7 to Wi-Fi Hotspot:


Connectify uses the feature ‘Virtual Wi-Fi’ that lets the laptop tether other wireless devices to a single Internet connection by effectively turning it into a Software-based wireless router. Windows 7 is available on the notebook that acts as a wireless hotspot and any wireless-equipped device including handhelds and notebooks running any operating system can be linked online without any additional software.

Share Internet with friends, co-workers and mobile devices!

~Natarajan Kumaraswami