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Wikiquote [1]

It seems like there is a wiki for everything these days. All my favorite games have them, and now one of my favorite hobbies has one! That’s right there is now a wiki devoted solely to the collection of quotations!

At Wikiquote you’ll get a quote of the day, featured quotes, and find out what the newest quotes that have been added to the wiki all right on the front page of the site.

Are you looking for a quote? Never fear, you can do a quote search at the top of the page. And just below that handy search engine, you’ll find several ways to browse quotes. You can browse by Categories, Films, Literary Works, Occupations, Television Shows, Proverbs, and Themes!

I know I’m sure to delight in the time I spend here mining for quotations to add to my collection. I keep them all in a neat little notebook. But that’s not all, I’ve been using this site to help me remember movie and television quotes that come up in conversation and stump my friends and I. If we can’t remember it, I just suggest we go look it up on wikiquote!

If you like quotations, this is certainly a site you’ll want to bookmark!

http://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Main_Page [1]