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Wild Horses

Welcome to Wild Horses – a site devoted to information about the wild horses of America and raising awareness to protect them. 

Navigation is straightforward – you’ll find all the links you need featured on the main page. There is a fifteen minute documentary video detailing why the horses need to be protected, what issues they face, how they are removed from public lands by the government, and the impact that removal has on the horses. The video highlights the controversy surrounding the removal of the horses. I found it piqued my interest to learn more about the issue. 

 As you scroll down the site presents other websites about wild horses, which serves as an amazing selection of resources. It took me forever to write this review up because I spent so much time checking out the other sites they highlighted. I would suggest you check out any of the sites that catch your interest – you’ll find non-profit, photography, and informational sites. 

Past most of those you’ll find a section on Dude Ranches and Yoga which features more links to information on the subject. Basically, they teach yoga techniques to help horse handlers communicate with horses. I thought it was an interesting extension of yoga.

While the site itself is a launch pad for other sites all their links center around amazing wild horses, so check it out today and I promise you that you’ll learn a lot about America’s wild horses.!  

http://www.wildhorses.com/ [1]