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Will My Windows XP Still Work?

Question:  At the present time I have Windows XP. I read that I will no longer be able to use XP in 2014. Is this correct? Can I switch to Windows 7 at that time or will I have to go to Windows 7 before that time. If I have to switch how do I switch to Windows 7?

Answer:  As I pointed out in this article [1], you are not alone.  Estimates say 40% of Windows users are still running XP. A whole lot of people still use Windows XP. Microsoft is ending support for XP in 2014 [2], but that doesn’t mean your operating system will suddenly stop working. It just means that Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, fixes for bugs or offer any customer support for the program. The troubling issue is the lack of security updates.

Upgrading to Windows 7 is pretty simple, you just purchase the program and install it on your computer by putting a disc in the drive or downloading the program.  If your computer is older, you will want to make sure you meet the system requirements for Windows 7.  As for Windows 8, unless you are upgrading to a touchscreen computer, I’d suggest sticking with Windows 7.  There’s a bit of a learning curve with Windows 8. I’m adjusting to it now and really can’t recommend the experience to others.

~ Cynthia