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Will My XP System Be Safe To Use In A Couple Of Years?

Elliot from Ocala, Florida writes:

I just have a theoretical question. With Win XP not being supported by Microsoft after April, won’t the bad guys start going to attack the newer systems ?
Suppose you put your win XP hard drive in storage for a year or two until the bad guys forget about it, then reinstall it. Don’t you think you would have a good operating system ?

Elliot, the bad guys are already attacking newer systems. The difference is that there are teams of security experts at Microsoft working to find ways to repel these attacks. When they discover a vulnerability , they come up with a way to remove it and to fix that vulnerability so the attack doesn’t happen again. After April 8, 2014 , they will no longer be doing that for XP.

XP will not only be more vulnerable because hackers will target the unprotected operating system, but because those same hackers can look at the security patches Microsoft issues for Windows 7 and 8 and work backwards to find previously unknown vulnerabilities in XP.

Malware directed at XP isn’t going to go away after a couple of years. Computer viruses are just as persistent as biological ones.

~ Cynthia