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Wilson Todd

Welcome to Wilson Todd: America’s Premier Vaudeville Photographer, a site dedicated to the vaudeville photography of Wilson Todd. I grew up watching old movies and musicals from the dawn of film, and through them developed a fascination with vaudeville performers and their acts. As soon as I saw this site my curiosity was instantly piqued. 

There are three sections you’ll want to navigate to: Wilson Todd Bio, Vaudeville Circuit, and Photographs. For the first two you may want to enlarge your view size as the font is ridiculously tiny. (I went up to 150% so that I didn’t strain my eyes reading the page. It is completely worth it). 

Wilson Todd Bio – Here you’ll learn all about the man behind the camera who took amazing photographs, how he got started as a photographer and what camera he used to take the photographs. 

Vaudeville Circuit –  Here you’ll learn about the vaudeville circuit and what it offered in its hay-day; then in the post script you’ll learn about its legacy when its popularity had faded. 

Photographs – You can switch the size of your view back down to 100% for this section as it is all photographs. I clicked on the first image and then used the Next button at the top of the page to navigate through all the images. You could, however, click on just the images you want and use the back button on your browser or click Photographs to go back to the main listing to pick the next one you liked to view. The photos are amazing and capture the essence of not only Vaudeville but also of the roaring twenties! 

Print Quality is another section you might want to visit. It discusses the quality of the images produced by Wilson Todd, what they were printed on, and where the collection has been showed. 

Go check this amazing collection of images out today!

http://www.wilsontodd.com [1]