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Windows 7 Calculator Extras

Yeah, you read that right – turns out that the Windows 7 calculator has done a lot of growing up and now carries a host of features aside from the usual “add, subtract, multiply, etc.” we’re used to.

So type CALC into your Windows 7 Search Bar (located above the Start Menu) and hit Enter to bring it up.

Now click View at the top. Directly underneath, you’ll see options to change the calculator layout to standard, scientific, programmer or statistics – handy for anyone using the Windows Calc for anything outside of the monthly bills.

…and speaking of the monthly bills, there are also views for mortgage, car lease and fuel economy variations located under the View>Worksheets fly-out menu.

If you ever want to go back to normal just select View>Basic

So, experiment a bit. You may just end up throwing that old stand-alone calculator away!