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Do you ever just want to know exactly what is taking up the most space on your machine? Have you ever wondered what may be slowing down your performance? Good news! I have located a free program called WinDirStat to help you analyze your drives to see where you could possibly free up some space.

Installing WinDirStat is as easy as accepting the licensing agreement and picking out a few preferences. It installs in a matter of minutes.


When the program first launches, it gives you a list of the drives on your computer to analyze. You can choose individual drives or simply leave it at all drives, which is what I did. Once you have clicked “OK” it begins the process. Now, depending on how much space you are using, and the size of the drives, this can take some time. It only took a few minutes for me, but as we all know every computer is different, so you may need to be patient.


After the initial analyzing of my disk drives. The program displayed a pretty neat color coded visual of my drives. It showed me what type of files were the largest and the most common, along with how much space those files were taking up. The coolest part is that it actually displays your files with their own color depending on what they are. For example, all of my .exe files were teal colored, visually showing me exactly how much space they were taking up.


This program has many useful features for you to utilize. You can use it to automatically delete files or to simply manage all the files on your machine. I would highly recommend it to anyone who simply wants to know where your files are stored and how to improve their performance. Go ahead give it a try. Click here for your free [4] download.