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Windows 7 Autoplay Settings

On any given day I insert, plug-in and otherwise connect any number of different devices and media to my computer. Digital cameras, my iPhone, DVDs, CDs; you name it and chances are I’m quite familiar with each thing and with what the result of me connecting/inserting it is.

But I want more choice! For example, when I insert an audio CD, I don’t necessarily want iTunes to load it – I’d much rather import through Windows Media Player; and when I put a DVD in, I know I want it to play automatically, just like my regular family room DVD player.

So let’s make it so every bit of media your computer interacts with does exactly what you expect it to do!

Click Start, and in the Search Box type, AutoPlay and hit Enter This window will pop up:


Now, simply go down the list and use the provided drop-down menus to choose what each media type does when it’s inserted into your computer. When you are done, press Save.

Also, if at any point you’d like to go back to the default Windows 7 settings, hit the Reset all defaults button at the bottom.


It’s a quick and easy way to get exactly what you want out of your Windows media experience! Try it today!