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Windows 7 Desktop Cleanup Wizard

Robert in Long Island, NY asks:

In Windows XP there is the Desktop Icon Cleanup Wizard. Is there an equivalent in Windows 7?

The Desktop Cleanup wizard was last featured as a standalone utility in Windows XP. It does not appear in Windows 7, at least not in the same form. Its functionality was maintained, but it was integrated into a broader System Maintenance wizard. Usually, this utility will run automatically, but if you would like to run it manually, follow the directions below.

1. Open the Troubleshooting menu by clicking on the Start button and typing ‘troubleshooting‘ in the search box. Select the first search result by clicking on it.

Troubleshooting [1]

2. In the next window, locate the System and Security options and click on Run Maintenance Tasks.

Run Maintenance [2]

3. This opens a System Maintenance window. Click Next to proceed.

Maintenance [3]

4. The wizard will then run through a series of tasks to try and detect any problems with your Windows 7 installation. One of these tasks includes a desktop shortcut cleanup.

If this fails to solve any issues you are having with redundant, or underused shortcuts, then you can always use the ever popular CCleaner [4]. It is a free download from Piriform and is designed to help tune up your PC in all kinds of good ways.

Simply launch the program, and make sure that the box next to Desktop Shortcuts is checked under the System menu.

Ccleaner [5]

Now take a look at the other options you have in both the Windows and the Applications tabs. Then, click the Analyze button to see how many junk files CCleaner finds. All that is left to do now, is to click the Run Cleaner button and in a matter of just a few seconds, your PC will be free of invalid desktop shortcuts, plus a whole lot more besides!

~Jonathan Wylie