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Windows 7 Homegroup

If, like me, you’ve taken the plunge and upgraded to Windows 7, you’re probably wondering how some of these new features work. For instance, I had no idea what a “homegroup” was before I did a bit of digging. Here’s what I found.

A homegroup is a new function that allows you to share files between computers on the same home network. Whilst Windows users have been able to do this on previous versions of Windows, using the homegroup function makes everything a lot easier!

Setting up a homegroup is really simple. First of all, click the Start button, followed by Control Panel. Thankfully, Microsoft have kept the Control Panel button in the same place on the Start menu, so you won’t need to search around for it!

Once at the Control Panel screen, hit Choose homegroup and sharing options, which is located under the Network and Internet heading.


Now, click “Create a homegroup”. Next, you can choose what files you would like to share with other computers in your homegroup. The default option is pictures, music, videos and printers, but these selections can be easily changed by clicking the checkboxes next to the name of each category.


You’ll be given a password that other users of computers in your network should know if they want to access your homegroup. Click Finish and you’re done!

To add other computers to your homegroup, simply go to the other computers (which must have Windows 7 installed), click Start, Control Panel and Choose homegroup and sharing options. You’ll then be prompted to join a homegroup if there is one available on your home network.

So, next time you want to share files on your home network, there’s no need to navigate through messy network settings. Simply set up a homegroup and you’re good to go!

~Brandon Zubek