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Windows 7 on the Cheap?

One thing that has always irked me about Microsoft is their tendency to charge an insane price for something we’ll eventually be required to have. Each version of Windows only sticks around for so long before it’s necessary to upgrade, and at $200.00 plus a pop, it can seem a little too expensive for the average user.


Well, Microsoft might be doing something right this time. To secure the adoption rate of the upcoming Windows 7, MS has decided to give everyone a break. Right now, if you pre-order Windows 7 from Microsoft’s store or via some direct PC retailers, you can get 50% off!

So that means Windows 7 Home Edition would only be $49.99! That’s actually a pretty good deal for an operating system! This offer does not apply for the “Ultimate” version of Windows 7, however, so if you’re looking for the extra functionality, you’ll have to pay the full price for it.

See? The big, faceless corporation gives us a break sometimes!