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Windows 7 Password Hint

So you pride yourself in coming up with amazingly secure, yet difficult to remember passwords, huh?

Well, bully for you, I guess – until the day your brain skips a gear and you can’t remember how to log into your computer anymore. Sure, there are plenty of “password hackers/unlocker” programs out there, but sometimes all you need is a little nudge to remember.

So, next time you decide to change your Windows 7 password, add a hint – just in case!

Click Start, and in the search box type User Accounts – click on the result that appears, and in the next window, click Change your password.

Go through the motions of typing your old password in, then your new one and a confirmation. Now in the bottom box add a hint that helps, but does not give away completely, your new password.

Click the Change password button at the bottom when you’re done.

Now the next time you forget your password and type it incorrectly, you’ll get a little hint to help you remember!