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Windows 7 Taskbar Icons Shortcuts

If you have been using Windows 7 for a while, then you probably already know that the updated taskbar allows you to β€œpin” programs so you can launch them quickly with a single click.

Not only can we launch the programs with a single click, we can also open these programs using shortcut keys which are enabled by default in Windows 7.

Based on the relative position from the Windows start button (the ORB at the left extreme of the taskbar), using a combination of β€œWindows + Number” will open the corresponding program.


For the taskbar shown above, the following short cut key combinations will work.

Windows + 1 = Windows Explorer
Windows + 2 = Internet Explorer
Windows + 3 = Windows Media Player
Windows + 4 = Mozilla Firefox

If you are on a laptop and dislike using the track pad, then these shortcuts can prove very useful for opening taskbar programs.

– Using the shortcut for an already open program will cause the program to maximize / minimize.
– Re-ordering the shortcut icons will change the short cut key combinations.

~Deepak Kannan