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Windows 8: E-Mail Send To Options Broken

AJM from Illinois writes:

Under the File Menu, the Send To Options for-Page by email & Link by email are greyed out on my Windows 8 PC. I have this feature on my old Vista PC. How can this be corrected? Thanks.


It sounds to me like there is no default e-mail client set up and configured for your Windows 8 installation. You can use the integrated mail program to send and receive mail in Windows 8. If you have a mail program set up but the option is still greyed out, you may need to restore it as the default mail application.

Start by clicking on the Charms Bar (lower right corner of the screen) and clicking “settings,” then “Control Panel.” In “Control Panel” click on “Programs” then “Default Programs.” Click “Set your default programs.”

Choose your e-mail program from the list that is displayed, then click “Set this program as default.” and click OK. You should now be able to use the send to option to send page and send link via e-mail.