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Windows 8 Fax & Scan – Multiple Pages

Ron from MD writes:

I’m using Windows 8 Fax & Scan. I can’t figure out how to scan a multi-page document into a single computer file. Every page scans into a separate file. I didn’t have this problem when I was using Microsoft Office 2003 scanning software. However, I’m now using Microsoft Office 2007, which doesn’t seem to contain the scanning software. I can’t imagine scanning software that won’t do what I want to do. Can you explain what’s going on? Thanks.

Windows 8 includes a fantastic Scan & Fax utility, which supports the ability to scan in multiple pages into a single document if your scanner has an automatic document feeder. Place the documents or pages you want to scan into the feeder and open Windows Fax and Scan then click “New Scan.”

In the next window, select your scanner from the list and click “OK” – this will bring up the scan interface. Now, look for the Source field, click the drop down menu and select “Feeder”. If single sided, select “Scan one side” and if double sided select “Scan both sides”. Press the scan button.

The program will now scan in all of the sheets in your document feeder and produce a single file. You can then e-mail, save or print the document out using the commands on the top bar.