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Windows 8: How To Shutdown Quick

Derek from London writes:

Hi, is there a ‘quick’ way to close, or shut down, a computer running Windows 8, ie, similar to the start button, shut down with Windows 7? Thanks for the help!

For years the easy way to shutdown your computer was to click the start button then click shutdown. With Windows 8’s removal of the start button the shutdown menu has been hidden in the charms bar under the power options. However, there are a few hidden ways to shut down your Windows 8 PC quickly and easily.

Ctrl + Alt + Delete and Click Shutdown: If you hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Delete buttons you’ll open a screen with a shutdown icon in the bottom right hand corner. This is the fastest method I’ve found to shut down the PC using just the keyboard.


Go To Blank Desktop then Press Alt + F4: This is a pretty handy trick for users of the desktop mode. If you are on a blank desktop and press Alt and F4 key you’ll be shown the traditional Windows shutdown dialog box.

Make A Shutdown Shortcut: You can create a shortcut to shutdown your computer and place it on the desktop by right clicking a blank area of the desktop and selecting New Shortcut. In the location type in the following without the quotations  “shutdown /s /t 0″. The o is a number zero not a letter o. Click the next button and you should have a shortcut on the desktop which will shutdown the PC once you double click it.