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Windows 8 : Pin Frequently Used Programs To Your Taskbar

Missing Windows 8 Start Menu still got you down? I talked about utilizing the powerful Windows 8 Search Charm in this article. [1] Now I’ll show you a handy way to keep your most-used programs right at your fingertips on the desktop – literally at your fingertips if you are using a touchscreen.

Start by pulling up your desktop. You can either tap your Desktop tile:

Or type “Desktop” in your Search Charm.

My most frequently used program is Microsoft Word.  Since I use it so often, I have it pinned to my Taskbar.

I also have Internet Explorer and Outlook right where I need them.

Here’s how to add a program to the Taskbar. First, you need to open the program you want to pin to the Taskbar by either tapping the tile on the Start Screen or finding it in Apps.  Then you’ll need to open the Search Charm and select Apps.

You’ll see all of your apps displayed.

Find the app you want to pin and right-click or swipe down on the icon for the app. 

At the bottom of the screen, you’ll see the option to Pin to taskbar.

The app will now be pinned to your Taskbar.

I would suggest not over-doing it and pinning too many programs to your Taskbar. Reserve it for apps you use every day. Anything else you need in Windows 8 is always just a swipe away with your Search Charm.

~ Cynthia