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Windows 8 Users Ignoring The Apps

If you are a Windows 8 user, the results of a new study by Soluto probably won’t surprise you. They found that most people using Windows 8 rarely touch the Metro apps. Which doesn’t seem to be particularly good news for a system with an interface built around apps.

Soluto looked at almost 11,ooo Windows 8 devices and found out that the majority of users don’t open modern-style apps on a daily basis. It didn’t matter if they were using a traditional PC or a touchscreen device. Most people avoided the apps.

Even people who own Windows tablets, the devices for which Windows 8 was designed, seem to be avoiding the apps. Only 56 percent of tablet users bothered to open a Windows 8 app on a daily basis. Although tablet and touchscreen computer owners do open the apps twice as much as traditional desktop users, they still aren’t opening them very much at all.

I have a Surface Pro, and I’ll admit I usually just tap the tile to head to the traditional desktop when I log on. The Windows store doesn’t offer many apps I’d open on a daily basis such as Words With Friends, My Fitness Pal and Instagram. And for things like Facebook, I actually prefer to go to Internet Explorer as opposed to using the app, because I have better functionality. And it’s just more convenient for me to stay in desktop mode where I can use Word and other traditional Windows programs.

I actually really do like Windows 8. I’ve never had a computer as stable as this Surface tablet and it is super-fast. I just can’t quite figure out what I’m supposed to do with the apps. It could be just because I’m lazy and as long as I can function fine without them, I’m not particularly interested in exploring new things.

Do you have Windows 8? And if you do, do you use the apps regularly or head straight to the desktop?

~ Cynthia