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Windows 98/SE/ME Support Gone

Windows 98/SE/ME Support Gone

Have you heard the news? Microsoft recently announced that the support for the Windows 98, 98 Second Edition (SE) and Millennium (ME) versions expired on July 11, 2006 (which was Tuesday of this week). This means that Microsoft is cutting off any public and technical support to its customers from now on. This expiration also includes security updates.

The reason Microsoft is doing this is basically because the products within these Windows operating systems are outdated. They also pose higher security risks to the customers who still use these versions.

You may have heard tales of Microsoft ending their support for 98/SE/ME at earlier dates, but according to them, it is really over this time. Just to reiterate, all support (including online self-help and paid support) and all critical security updates have ended for these operating systems. You can still use these versions, but no support whatsoever will be given anymore.

All users who still use Windows 98, 98SE and ME are urged to upgrade to a higher version. The most secure choice is obviously XP, but Windows also has a new system called Vista coming out later this year. So, if you still use an older version, you may want to start thinking about which new one will be best for you.

~ Erin