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Windows Address Book

Windows Address Book

Have you heard of this term before? If not this exact one, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The Windows Address Book is basically just another way to describe the address book a lot of us use in Outlook Express. Who knew?!

It is a component of all the Windows operating systems that anyone can use to keep a list of all their contacts. It’s mostly used with Outlook Express, but it is compatible with several Windows programs as well. Every time you add a name to your contacts list, a new entry is added under the .WAB files, which is the format the address book uses. Those files can usually be found in your computer’s Documents and Settings folder. (To find that, double click on the My Computer icon, double click on the C: drive and choose the Documents and Settings folder).

The files are kept there in the .WAB format. This way, they are readily available for any program you may want to use the address book in. Now, don’t get this confused with the address book in Microsoft Outlook. Outlook does not use the Windows Address book and those files are stored under the .pst format. Along with that, the new Windows Vista operating system will use a new tool called Contacts to replace the Windows Address Book, so that’s something to keep an eye out for as well. For now though, the Windows Address Book can be found by going to Start, All Programs, Accessories, Address Book or you can always access it through your Outlook Express.

~ Erin