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Windows Calculator Tips

Did you know Windows built in calculator can do more than just standard calculations? First, there are 4 modes. The calculator opens up to Standard, but also has a Scientific mode, Programmer mode, and Statistics mode. Simply go up to View, and the modes are listed.

Here’s a shot of each of the modes. Scientific mode just allows for more complex calculations, Programmer mode allows for figuring in binary, decimal, hexadecimal numbers, and Statistical mode allows for statistics calculations.

Not only does it have different modes but you can also have a history of all your calculations on Standard and Scientific modes. Just go to View and click on History.

Right under history is the option for Digit grouping. This will add a comma to every third number, just like most of us typically write numbers.

It can also calculate unit and date conversions. Again, go to View, then click on Unit or Time Conversion. By the way, I am 12,237 days old at the time of this writing.

Finally, it also has a built in worksheets mode to figure out gas mileage, mortgage payments, or lease payments.

To turn off these options, go back to View and click back to Standard and/or basic modes.

– Audra