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Windows Key Shortcuts for Win 7 Part 2

Here I am with more wonderful Windows 7 win key shortcuts! If you missed the first part, click here and check ’em out. If you’re just hungry for more, then here they are!


Win + Pause – Displays the System Control Panel applet.

Win + E – Opens Windows Explorer with Computer selected.

Win + F – Opens a Search window for finding files or folders.

Win + Ctrl + F -Opens a Search window for finding computers on a network.

Win + L – Locks your computer or switches users.

Win + M – Minimizes all windows.

Win + Shift + M – Restores minimized windows.

Win + P – Chooses a presentation display mode.

Win + R – Opens the Run dialog box.

Win + U – Opens the Ease of Access Center (Utility Manager in XP).

Win + X – Opens the Windows Mobility Center (which isn’t installed by default on desktop PCs).

Now, that’s full of win!